I am writing with my highest recommendation for Cecilia Chen’s services, specifically for helping
with a dental practice transition or purchase. In June 2017, I purchased my dental office from the
previous owner for whom I had worked for 2 years prior. Cecilia was extremely knowledgeable about
the entire office transition process and she helped me from the initial letter of intent, to the lease
agreement, and finally to the purchase agreement. She was very responsive to all of my questions and
concerns, and would even email me back around midnight some nights. Cecilia is not afraid to stand up
for her clients, especially with the tricky negotiations that come with buying a dental practice. She had
my best interests in mind the entire time and did not back down until a fair agreement was reached. Her
foresight in the negotiations with the letter of intent helped avoid complications down the road when
the lease agreement was being negotiated. Cecilia also took the time to explain the final documents
page by page, and interpreted the legal jargon so that I fully understood the agreements before signing.

I have been extremely pleased with Cecilia’s services, and I have already recommended her to
several colleagues who are going through the same process. If you are looking for a lawyer who is
knowledgeable, works efficiently, and has your best interests in mind, then I absolutely recommend
Cecilia Chen to be your lawyer!

— Meghan Toland, D.M.D.

Cecilia helped me through a very complicated dental practice purchase. I can tell you with 100% certainty that without her guidance I would have gotten myself in a bad situation. Fortunately for me she was on my corner and everything worked out. Highly recommend her if you want someone that will not let the other party take advantage of you.

— Javier Valadez, DDS

Ms. Cecilia Chen represented me in my dental practice transaction with utmost professionalism and efficiency throughout the complex process. What I really appreciate of her is her willingness to go extra miles in making most amicable resolution with patience and persuasiveness even in a difficult situation.

Ms. Chen has been diligent in every step of the purchase agreement process and lease termination arrangement till the closing of the escrow.

I have no doubt that she will be an excellent Attorney to represent other dentist colleagues in their practice transition.

— Joshua T. Kang, DMD

Cecilia has been an amazing attorney to work with in my practice purchase. Not only did she do a great job in the legal documents to make sure that I am protected, she went out of her way to negotiate favorable terms for me in the lease. I am very glad that Cecilia always had my back every step of the way. She was easy to work with and always made herself available for my questions. I highly recommend Cecilia as your dental attorney!

— Javier Valadez, DDS

Being a first time practice buyer there are numerous obstacles that you encounter. I called several attorneys to represent me and no one was more polite and professional than Cecelia Chen. It gives you peace of mind to be able to contact your attorney after hours or on weekends as your deal is progressing. I highly recommend Cecilia for any practice purchase or sale. Ms. Chen was able to negotiate certain terms of the purchase agreement that would of otherwise been detrimental to my transition. In addition, she will always look out for your interests and is second to none in this business.

— M. Shah DDS

I would like to recommend Cecilia Chen, J.D. to you with the highest regard. I retained her to represent me in my recent practice purchase. As a first time buyer, I knew very little regarding buying a practice and knew nothing at all about dental law. Since my husband is a lawyer I thought originally I could use him for legal consult and contract fabrication and negotiation. However, due to his busy work schedule, he could not take on this responsibility, which ultimately proved to be a blessing in disguise. Since the practice is over 35 years old, there were several issues with the office that required the expertise of a dental attorney. Especially during the purchase agreement negotiations, Cecilia was incredibly skilled and knowledgeable. No sentence in the entire contract went unexamined by her. Whenever the seller challenged an item, she would consult with me and support my decision with full dedication. Because of her, I felt I had a voice that could communicate with the seller in an educated and powerful manner.

Adding to the complexity of this transaction was the fact that the seller had requested employment as an associate at the office. Cecilia was instrumental in protecting my rights as the new owner in the associate agreement with the seller.

In closing, I would like to add that Cecilia is 100% devoted to her clients. On a personal level, she is very friendly, approachable, and an excellent listener. With business matters, she is professional, serious, and committed to defending the best interest of her client.

Her counsel proved invaluable to me as she walked me through this process. I highly recommend her to represent you. You will not be disappointed.

— Dawnelle Park, DDS

Cecilia Chen is definitely the attorney to have on your team during a practice acquisition. She is knowledgeable, professional and pays attention to details. She negotiated a contract that met all my needs. I would highly recommend her if you are considering acquiring a practice.

— Eki O., DDS

Cecilia Chen helped me with the recent sale of my practice. She made the entire process clear and easy. She is always available, well informed and offers great service at a reasonable fee. She was a great help throughout the negotiations and I would highly recommend her to anyone wishing to buy or sell their practice.

— Alex Sabet, DDS

I cannot more highly recommend Attorney Cecilia Chen to my fellow colleagues. She combines great legal skills and passion for her job. She worked beyond my wildest expectations frequently after hours, to secure the best deal possible for both buying my Dental practice and lease negotiations.

— Ziba Shirazi, DMD

I was in a bind and needed the purchase agreement from the buying doctor to be corrected and finalized in just 2 days. Fortunately, I hired Ms. Chen and she saved the day with her prompt and accurate attention. The sale went through in an unbelievably smooth fashion. I cannot recommend her highly enough!!!

— Dr. Daniel S. Sherman

I give my highest recommendation to Cecilia Chen. She represented me on the purchase sales agreement, lease negotiation and other contractual disputes. She went above and beyond my expectations throughout the entire process. Cecilia made me feel comfortable and took the time to explain important issues on the purchase sale agreement of the practice to me. I appreciated her persistence throughout the process. She was quick to reply to email and phone messages. If you are looking for a hard working, detail oriented, professional attorney, Cecilia Chen is for you

— Dr Christopher Dudzik

Cecilia Chen was everything I could ask for in an attorney for my practice acquisition. She’s incredibly knowledgeable and very responsive with any questions I had. Cecilia was in my corner and looked out for my best interests throughout the process. This acquisition would not have been nearly as smooth without her help. I highly recommend her to any dentist!

— Duc Nguyen, DDS

I attended a lecture given by Cecilia at the San Diego County Dental Society and was impressed by her at the time. Once I found a location to open my practice she was one of the first calls I made. She was very responsive and helpful during the leasing process and all work done was timely and professional. Before signing the final lease I asked Cecilia to quickly review a couple documents that had been added at the last minute. She took time out of her vacation to make sure everything went smoothly. I will be sure to use her in the future and I would recommend her to my friends.

— Nicholas Jize, DDS

Seller’s business broker recommended Cecilia to GB Holdings Ltd., a Samoa corporation, to acquire a licensed clinical laboratory in San Diego.   There was time pressure to have the deal ratified before the board meeting.  I found Cecilia accessible during the crunch time and she work late to meet the deadline.  She was able to help us maneuver through the choppy waters as a foreign corporation purchase an U.S. business.  We were fairly represented while negotiating purchase agreement with seller’s counsel who was contentious.  I highly recommend her and thank her for her efforts.

— David Hsia, General Manager, GB Holdings Ltd

When we bought our practice we lived out of state, and weren’t familiar with the laws or specifics with purchasing a dental practice in California. Cecilia made it her top priority that we set up business properly and that we were fairly represented at the negotiating table. I highly recommend Cecilia as she spends the time getting to know your needs and working hard to make sure they are met.

— Forest and Sorina Ratchford DDS, Central Coast

Cecilia helped me and my husband to sell his dental practice during a difficult time in our family. She always made herself available to answer our questions, sometimes working until middle of the night to make sure everything was current, updated and taken care of. We were greatly impressed with her knowledge, advice and professionalism. I highly recommend Cecilia and her firm.

— Rina and Frank Woo, DDS

I was recommended to Cecilia to represent me in buying a dental practice. I am a first time buyer and am not at all familiar with the process. Cecilia took the time to answer each and every one of my questions, often within the same hour. She is extremely accessible and great to work with. She went to the bat for me on many issues and went out of her way to make sure that my investment is protected. Her fees are very competitive and reasonable. In fact, her fees were entirely covered with a 3-months rent abatement that she had went out of her way to negotiate for me in a lease assignment. I highly recommend her and thank her for her efforts to me now becoming a proud first time practice owner

— D. Aminov, DMD

I had the pleasure of working with Cecilia Chen during my practice acquisition. I found her to be very thorough, knowledgeable and diligent. She always kept me informed and I knew she was always looking out for my best interest. I felt very comfortable working with her and would not hesitate to recommend her services.

— Dr. S. Hong

Cecilia represented me in the sale of my dental practice to my existing partner. She was very professional, thorough and easy to communicate with. She
understood very complicated information that was unique to my transaction. The other attorney was contentious and uninformed about complex insurance issues and made no effort to preserve goodwill. Cecilia is very knowledgeable in dental practice law, particularly when it comes to partnership buyouts and practice acquisition. She went the extra mile to try and ensure that my interests were protected.

I highly recommend Cecilia!

— Richard Lindsay, DMD

I interviewed three different attorneys to find the right person to represent me for my dental practice acquisition and Cecilia Chen was the right choice. Cecilia was a pleasant person to communicate with and made herself available whenever needed. She both listened well to my input and directed me appropriately to accomplish the best possible outcome. She worked very hard and efficiently and stayed within my budget. I was impressed with her dental knowledge and highly recommend Cecilia for dental practice transitions. She is definitely an asset you would want on your side.

— Kevin Kohler, DMD

I have had the honor and privilege of using the services of Cecilia Chen for the past year. She came highly recommended by our broker who had nothing but excellent affirmations about her performance. His referral proved to be correct, and I would recommend her services to my family and friends. Being extremely honest, reliable, and efficient, Cecilia ensured that the sale of my company was as smooth and easy as possible. Her professionalism and determination to guarantee my satisfaction along each step of the process allowed me to feel confident and secure. I am certain that any client who chooses to utilize Cecilia’s services in the future will be more than pleased.

— P. Mello, President and CEO of Crafty Productions, Inc.

Cecilia Chen of the Law Offices of Cecilia Chen has been a terrific resource for my company in regards
to a variety of legal needs we have encountered in our daily business activities. Cecilia has proven
outstanding in working with us on everything from a small business acquisition project to a service
contract negotiation and ultimate rewrite of one of our services contracts. Her attention to detail is
exquisite and timely and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone. She is a true professional.

— Rich Tear CEO/CSCI, Inc.

I needed an attorney to represent me in a practice acquisition and lease negotiation. And I was referred to Cecilia Chen from a well trusted and respected dental consultant in San Diego. Initially, I thought all attorneys were the same. But after seeing the frustration from the seller because of her lawyers, I knew that I have someone special on my side. Cecilia was thorough, efficient, and worked with my budget. Communication was key, and she was accessible at all times to answer my questions. It was a relatively stress free transaction because of Cecilia. We closed escrow on the practice in less than 2 weeks!

There was no doubt that I was in good hands, and I am sure to keep her on my side for future legal representation.

— Jack W. Chan, DDS

Cecilia and I recently worked on a dental practice sales transaction whereby she was the attorney representing my seller. The transaction was a tough one and Cecilia was instrumental in moving the transaction forward to completion. She was attentive and comprehensive with her client as well as working with me and all parties involved. She has a very good grasp of the dental field and its nomenclature, while providing her client with a lot of support and hand-holding. I would not hesitate to utilize here again in my need for future transactions or other dental/legal matters.

— Russ Okihara, DMD, Practice Transition Partners

Cecilia is great and very good at what she does, very on top of everything, easy to communicate. She is great to have on your team to get things done in your favor with reasonable cost. I would highly recommend Cecilia for all my dentist friends who is looking for any dental needs.

— Michael H. Ho, DDS

Cecilia Chen is a professional. She puts your mind at ease with her extensive knowledge of the law. Cecilia recently revised several legal documents for my business that were improperly done when I initially incorporated my business. She knew what needed correction and processed the paperwork with efficiency and patience. I highly recommend Cecilia Chen. You just KNOW you have put your legal matters in the right hands.

— Jacquie R.

I have been able to utilize Cecilia’s services for my small business on several occasions. She drafted several documents for use with clients. Her expertise was solid, formidable and very timely. Yet, what was as equally as impressive was her personal service. Cecilia has an ability to make you feel comfortable when you don’t understand legalize and at the same time interpret your need. When I have a future need for legal service I know whom I will turn to – Cecilia Chen. You would be wise to use her services.

— Jerry T., Financial and Wealth Manager

Cecilia has assisted me on several occasions involving contracts and continued operation of my business.  Cecilia’s knowledge of business law and her depth of experience, coupled with the responsive and personal service she provides, make her a trusted advisor to me and my company.  I highly recommend Cecilia for your legal needs and make referrals often.

— Robynne H., CEO, Real Estate Investment Firm

For someone who has put off estate planning for years because of the fear of it being too difficult and time consuming, Cecilia made the process extremely easy.  She was very thorough and patient with answering my questions before I even retained her.  I highly recommend Cecilia as you will find her incredibly easy and enjoyable to work with.

— Michael S., San Marcos, CA

From our first consultation until the present day, Cecilia has been the ultimate professional.  Starting a new business is overwhelming and confusing.  Cecilia’s honesty and knowledge has given me the peace of mind I needed to move in the right direction with my company.

— Veronica Hilas, Owner, Vital Balance Health & Fitness

I find Cecilia to be very knowledgeable, attentive and insightful in her counsel to me and my company.  It is a great comfort knowing that Cecilia is overseeing many of the legal aspects of my business, freeing me to focus on growth and expansion.  I highly recommend Cecilia to business owners seeking competent, experienced legal support.

— Billie F., Founder, Employee Wellness Coaching