Business Formation

When starting a new business, there are many important decisions to make and many rules and procedures that must be understood.  Ms Chen will help you determine the right business entity structure and the best state to incorporate in based on your unique business needs.  Once incorporated, Ms. Chen will remain as your counsel and advise you on how to best protect your business interests from unfair competition as well as what it means to operate an incorporated business entity and the formalities that should be observed.


Are you about to enter into a legal contract full of legalese you do not understand?  Are you looking purchase or sell an existing business?  Contact Ms. Chen to help you understand and address many of the issues you should be aware of to best protect yourself from risk of doing business.  Ms. Chen provides business legal services to individuals, business entities and nonprofit organizations from entity formation and start up, through day-to-day operations and exit strategies.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is a process that not only addresses how your assets will be distributed at your death, but also how your assets will be managed if you are unable to handle them yourself.  Proper estate planning is not simply writing a Will, but avoid the expense and delay by avoiding the court-supervised probate process as well as minimize the estate taxes due if the net value of your estate is more than the exempt amount set by the Congress.