What is your strategic growth strategy?

Business Acquisition and Strategic Growth

When entrepreneurs are considering taking their companies to the next level, strategic acquisition should be an integrate part of their growth plan. Here are some of the key considerations for business acquisitions:

a. Increase profitability by acquiring someone in the chain of your distribution channel when costs and overhead can be consolidated
b. Geographic expansion
c. Acquisition Target might hold a unique market position that would provide a competitive advantage to your company
d. Eliminate competition
e. Access to new customer base
f. Increase visibility and help establish your company as the industry leader
g. Strategic move to derail a key competitor or prevent your company to be acquired
h. Increase service and/or product lines to your existing customer base (Many google products originated as services provided by companies that Google has acquired: Google Voice, Google Earth, Picasa, YouTube, just to name a few )

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