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Does every estate have to go through Probate in California?

This question is posed by many clients that visit our firm. Here is the response. In estates where the total gross value of the assets is less than $150,000, certain affidavits or summary proceedings may allow transfer of property. The size of the estate, the relationship of the decedent to the beneficiary, and the character and/or title of the property …

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Is LegalZoom Worth the Cost Savings?

A popular website called LegalZoom advertises top quality legal documents without paying top dollar. The truth is LegalZoom will provide quality documents, but it may not be accurate. LegalZoon will ask a few key questions and then provide the correlating legal document. The problem is you can’t be sure that the document you get will be best suited for your …

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Are your children protected if you are not around tomorrow?

If you take the necessary steps of preparing a will and naming a proper guardian, you will decide the future of your minor children. However, if you should pass without a will and fail to designate a guardian, the courts—not you—will decide who takes care of your minor children.

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Things to consider when choosing a guardian to name in your will

One of the most important decisions you can make to protect the your precious assets–your children–is to have a current legal will. And one of the most important component of your will will be picking a guardian. Here are some important tips to consider when selecting an appropriate guardian. Remember, this person will be parenting your children in the event …

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When Your Legal Will May Not Be Enough

A will is one of the most widely used legal documents and is probably what you think of first when you consider how to plan your estate and transfer your assets to your loved ones. In a Will, you name who you want to receive your assets when you die (the beneficiary) and who you want to handle your final …

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